Cuomo: 52k sq. foot facility to bring nano technology and film production to DeWitt

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) – Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced plans for a $15 million building in DeWitt that will be home to emerging nano industries and a California film production company.

Cuomo says the 52,000 square foot facility, which will be located at the Collamer Crossings Business Park in Dewitt, will be led by the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering.

The governor says CNSE will focus on using nanotechnology to drive innovations in computer generation imagery, animation, and motion capture technology used in film and television production.

The building would also be the headquarters for the California film production company The Film House Рand house the company’s production, post-production, and distribution operations.

“Now who would’ve figured Hollywood comes to Onondaga. Right, you would’ve never guessed,” Cuomo said. “It is highly lucrative work. It’s not just the actors. It is the production. It is the onsite. It is the post-production. It’s the film work. It’s everything. It is a whole economy unto itself.”

The project is expected to create at least 350 new high tech jobs and 150 construction jobs, according to the governor.

Onondaga County is currently working with the Syracuse International Film Festival to create an Onondaga County Film commission to support the growth of the film industry.

Cuomo says the commission will provide marketing, coordination and logistics to support film production in Onondaga County.

The project will include a minimum private investment of over $150 million over seven years, with an initial 125 jobs that is expected to increase to 350, according to Cuomo.

CNSE will provide $15 million to build the facility and Onondaga County has invested $1.4 million on site work ensuring the business park is ready for construction.

Construction is expected to begin by April 1 with completion set for October.

Work will begin on an additional 52,000 square foot building for additional tenants with completion set for the spring of 2015.