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FILMHOUSE takes its team’s vast experience in all phases of filmmaking to create a safe harbor for filmmakers to maximize their film’s potential while mitigating any financial risk. FILMHOUSE seeks to identify and produce both critical and commercial successes, not only profitable and celebrated, but ultimately becoming classics in their own right.

How we came to be

FILMHOUSE was born out of dissatisfaction with outside sales/distribution companies and frustration with various production locations–constant problems for filmmakers. Designing production facilities where the environment can be controlled; building a distribution company that delivers real value; being recognized as a marketing partner with as much creativity as the storytellers whose movies we make…are all qualities that will help establish FILMHOUSE as a leader in our industry and Upstate New York as an idyllic community representing not just rare production value, but a quality of life we all know is hard to come by in our line of work.


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Ryan Johnson


FILMHOUSE President and Chief Executive Officer

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Kent Purdy



Michael Haggerty

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer at FILMHOUSE

Our Services


FILMHOUSE sources, develops, shoots, produces and distributes properties both domestically and internationally. In addition to traditional media, FILMHOUSE is heavily focused on emerging Mobile technologies, including iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android platforms (cell phones, tablets), OTT, and any devices compatible with the BWM Platform, IPTV, Cable, Web, Non-theatrical venues as specified.


FILMHOUSE is always looking for the next big concept or story that needs to be told. With 20 years of development experience, FILMHOUSE maintains a deep IP library–we develop & package properties with a personal and professional touch.


FILMHOUSE, from a financial perspective, approaches filmmaking as a math problem, and by reverse engineering projects we are better able to ensure investment in each film is protected with enough upside to allow creative execution to flourish.


FILMHOUSE and a bounty of local crew and support personnel across Upstate New York tap historic and picturesque settings with state of the art facilities and equipment to maximize production value and efficiency.


FILMHOUSE distributes properties worldwide, from domestic theatrical releases to foreign sales to complementary media including digital, PPV, and the viral channels driving so much of today’s traffic.


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